Artistry Co-Learning Team

Jerry Nagel Floor Teach ed

Jerry Nagel

Jerry Nagel believes strongly that participatory leadership and dialogue processes create communities and organizations where people are treated with respect and where there is an opportunity for all voices to be present and heard. These processes bring forth the knowledge, wisdom and leadership capacity that is within each of us, our organizations, and our communities. Jerry is deeply committed to hosting meaningful conversations around many of our most difficult issues and understands the depth of personal and shared journey that makes growing hosting artistry possible.

Kathy Jourdain

Kathy Jourdain

Kathy Jourdain is passionate about co-creative leadership and creating the conditions to shift the shape of our work at a time it is most needed. She is sought after to help develop Communities of Practice in different regions and to support other practitioners in growing their capacity and capability, especially, not exclusively, younger generations. She is recognized for her prolific writing on what she is learning as she co-hosts on training and consulting teams in Canada, Brazil and the US. She has recently published her first book: Embracing the Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness which highlights her deep personal journey.

Stephen Duns

Stephen Duns

Dr Stephen Duns has a passion for helping individuals, organisations and communities identify their potential, and then supporting them to achieve it. Stephen believes deeply that a strengths-based approach, storytelling and systems thinking are key factors in human emergence. Stephen is a trained coach and experienced mentor.

Stephen’s career experience includes several Chief Executive Officer and general management roles in health and community services in Australia and the UK. He has also worked extensively as a consultant, primarily in the not-for-profit and government sectors.

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis is a Principal Consultant at Three E Consulting, a group dedicated to using Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter for strategic planning and community engagement.  He has hosted discussions with groups ranging from 10 to 800 participants on topics from strategic planning for communities and nonprofits to community engagement with state and other agencies. He has been exploring the impact of early childhood trauma on adult issues and been instrumental in conversations on race, power and privilege in Minnesota.

Roshanda Cummings

Roshanda Cummings

Roshanda Cummings is a pretty curious person– really curious actually–and spends most of her time wondering why and how people do the things they do. By way of Field Assessments in East Africa, Social Research Facilitation for uni students in Southeast Asia, and managing one of the largest co-working spaces in the North America, Roshanda was introduced to the Art of Hosting at a training in Woodside, CA; then things really got interesting.  She has seen Art of Hosting’s “user”-centered design, facilitation methods, adaptive approach, and powerful questions change people’s lives-and as a result, has herself been changed.

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