a learning journey into working more artfully with power, emergence and not knowing — and more

World View as a Lens to Growing Hosting Artistry and Deeper Work

For each of us, our world view operates largely in the background. It is how we make sense of the world.  World views are constructed locally in societies and cultures we grew up in. The invitation is to become aware of our world view and, in doing so, become curious about the world view of other people as well. World view can be a powerful portal into hosting in a variety of local and non-local contexts.

  • As a lens for understanding who you are and how you show up in the world
  • As a means to better prepare to host others and to work in different cultural contexts and local realities
  • The importance of “taking-whole” in hosting self and others

all our hands in the centre

Story/Restorying/New Narrative

We are in the space between narratives – the old individualist narrative of the last five hundred years is no longer working and we are on the edges of the new narratives – in our discovery of what they are.  The invitation is to be conscious of our individual and collective narratives to be deliberate in our stories and in the opportunity to co-create new narratives going forward.  

  • We make sense of life and experience through the stories we tell ourselves and others and we live in the direction of the stories we tell
  • We can shift the shape of our experience by becoming aware of and intuitionally shifting the stories we tell – individually and collectively
  • Exploring personal gifts, developing personal hosting style


Container Setting/Holding Space

Container holding is part of the subtle arts, the metaphysical or the invisible.  To grow hosting artistry and skill and create the conditions for powerful work to emerge, so much of what we need to pay attention to is the energetics and consciousness of hosting, in holding space or setting the container for the work.

  • Individual preparation / hosting self and its relationship to creating safe “enough” and powerful space for conversations that matter
  • Working with the energetics, including an understanding of your relationship with the sacred
  • Shifting the dynamics of power
  • Working with the fractals and fields of individual, teams, constellations of relationships on micro and macro levels

World Cafe with Diversity

Impact of the Relational Field

In any offering that is co-hosted, the frequency of the team is also alive in the relational field.  When the team has challenges within, those challenges show up in the larger field.  When the team has an ease of relationship, infused with trust (and usually joy), this also shows up in the field.  What is in the team is reflected back to the team.  A well connected, trustful, aligned team – which does not mean members all think alike – can hold the larger relational field from a place of trusting what wants to emerge.

  • Creating trust through the relational field
  • Powerfully connected teams generate great capacity for good, deep and/or challenging work – what are the conditions for these relationships?
  • How do you recognize your contribution to a team (or larger field) – When we excel, when we are challenged and at points in-between?

Circle Centre CA
Shadow and Projection

Shadow and projection often show up in our work, especially the more challenging the work we take on. It could be our shadow, shadow others bring in or shadow that emerges.  Shadow can be not naming the unspeakable things and projection can be a way of externalizing onto others that which we do not want to confront or own in ourselves. We are often invited to bump up against ourselves and each other to create alchemy. As we grow our hosting artistry, we grow our courage and skill in naming shadow and in hosting within ourselves and others that which has been projected.

  • What is shadow and projection and how do we work with it in a healthy way?
  • Collective shadow, composite shadow
  • Practices to name shadow, to work with it and/or to release it
  • How shadow is projected and transferred and what to do about it

Process Design Applications

What are the skills and artistry that cross over or underneath elements of design that generate powerful and emergent design flows?  What is the balance between staying in our not-knowing and openness and crafting design processes for the work at hand? How does dynamic tension in the field influence design and our own hosting edges?

  • Shifting the dynamics of power and privilege
  • Creating cultural shift
  • Building bridges acres cultural divides
  • For community engagement
  • Systemic change, change initiatives, strategic planning and team development

Patterns and Practices We will Draw On

While this is not about growing our skill with methodologies we will draw on the following in our time together:

  • World View
  • Four Fold Practice
  • Circle Practice
  • Design process and practices

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